EvenMidi Releases the H9 MIDI Controller


Villeurbanne, France (March 29, 2017) — Here is the EvenMidi H9 MIDI controller. It controls one or two Eventide H9. Eventide H9 are powerfull multi-effect items however cannot be used and not using a controller on stage. This controller resolve a number of issues: preset navigation, direct entry to presets, direct entry to looper, tone sculpt in dwell with pots, and controlling two Eventide H9 items.

Standard Mode: Footswitches ship MIDI Control Change CC (scroll presets, energetic, efficiency swap…)

Preset mode: Footswitches ship MIDI Program Change PC to name 6 presets, excellent for dwell gigs.

Looper Mode: Direct entry and exit Looper, Rec, Play, Stop, Empty, and Tap.

Ten potentiometers enable you to sculpt your sound dwell or play with looper parameters.

The silk-screened enclosure shows potentiometer names akin to Eventide Factor stompboxes Serie for a quick a simple tone sculpt.

It options one auxilary TRS enter for an expression pedal.

Watch the firm’s video demo:

For extra data:


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