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  1. Will…… my head was spinning with all sorts of people telling me the simple remedy for getting the ultimate tone In articles and on YouTube. I value your approach and what I believe to be an answer that only grown ups can handle, which I randomly found in a search. You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free…. Eventually. You portrayed the basics…. The boot camp answer…. In your video entitled, ” the hard truth about guitar pedals and amps and signal chains “. I am of limited means and and not in any position to send any fiscal support on a regular basis. I just appreciated you’re calm but firm truth that it will take time and experimentation. Most people hear only what they want to hear and believe only what they want to believe. I appreciate and value your candor, and just wanted to send you $10 as a one-time consultation gift in return for what I received hearing you lay the hard truth on me. Maybe someday I can contribute regularly. I can send you a PayPal $10 gift. I searched but could not find a direct route to offer you this small but sincere thank you contribution. If you’re interested in receiving it, please forward me a PayPalPath. Sorry this is the best I can do but it’s better than a kick in the ass. Thanks Will. Sincerely…. John H Foster…. Nashville Tennessee

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